Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Playing Catch up.

Its time to play catch up folks.  Between work, the house and fishing I have had zero time to keep up
with my Blog, so here goes....  I guess I will start with my Spey Casting Lesson with Mike Verhoef of Flyfitters.  What a guy. If you are considering a guided trip or need a brush up on your casting give Mike a call, he is a fantastic teacher.  We started our day in the lower end of the Maitland River  several weeksbefore the official start of the Season.  The Flow was good and there were high prospects of hooking some fish.  We spent the morning casting and fishing with a couple missed fished and lots of Green trout... We went for lunch and then returned to a different run for the remainder of the day.   By the end of the day I had so much information in my head I felt dizzy.  The biggest lesson from the day was to slow down and not over think things.  Great advice and when I would follow this advice things would work just as they were meant to.  A great feeling. I promptly booked a fall float for Steelhead with Mike for mid November.  I'm already counting down the days!

So for the next couple outings I fished the lower end  with Spey in hand and nabbed some more fish.

No more reel dunking in these stretches as the goo was already getting bad.  Anyone who fishes this river knows when the goo starts to show up things are coming to an end.

So... the 4th Saturday of April rolled around and I found myself in the same stretch I had been fishing since  February.With the runs I had been swinging pre-season getting lower I decided to nymph some sections that were not necessarily swing friendly with my Single hander.  It paid off.... the fish were turned off of the roe and beads and honed in on Black stones and caddis pupae. I cleaned up a couple outings, but secretly was longing to catch them on the Spey. A few shots of my results with the Single Hander.

So now that I have had my fill of Spring Steel, I am ready to fish a few beats for resident fish.  I just recently got out with a good friend and fellow blogger for Brookies.  We enjoyed a morning together and I hope we can gel our schedules again soon.   Perhaps next time in some more favourable conditions.  Gil it was a pleasure as always and I am still laughing about that episode. Your energy is contagious!  Perhaps we should head north next time?

Sorry for the lapse guys and gals, stay tuned for the next blog entry coming soon!


  1. A temporary lapse from here is totally understandable. Glad you found your back. Excellent work on the the spring fish with the spey and single.

    The other day was brilliant. I would say we both did quite well considering the conditions. North. You read my mind. ;)

  2. Glad you are back Tony! Thanks for sharing. You and Gil's efforts have re-kindled my dwindling fishing spirit. I'll have to find some leisure time mid week and venture out with my fly rod and see if I can dial up some trout...maybe this weekend at the cabin. :0)
    take care

    1. Thanks for the comment Brian. Glad we fired you up again! Good luck on your next outing, be it with the Fly rod or Pin. I am looking forward to reading your next entry!

  3. Damn... resident browns from those MI streams!!!