Saturday, 12 May 2012

Plan "B"

I am longing to fish for Resident fish but my schedule will not allow the travel time.  This morning I would stick closer to home and fish for Dropbacks.  Plan "B" was a lot better than not fishing at all.  I strung up the Single hander and headed out  several hours before first light.  The lights from the bridge above the River offered just enough light to make the tailout of a small run just visible enough to fish.  Two drifts in and I was hooked-up with my first fish.  The springy jumps of a nice trout replaced the peaceful lull of the River.  The Stars hung overhead.  I brought three clean Hens to hand in the hours leading up to dawn.  The morning arrived  and dark males were the norm.  I fished for a couple hours and called it a day. I returned home in time for a nice late morning breakfast, followed by a glorious nap with my Son. A perfectly executed plan "B".     


  1. Plan "B(am)"! Awesome. It sounds rough to have tugged with a few recouped fish when others are still frantically in search for even just one. Insanely dedicated you are for fishing that early. ;)

    1. Gil, I am done now with the early morning fishing...I need sleep! Obsessed, some would say ;) you make it sound much better.

  2. Nice work Tony. Good on ya for getting out there. I flung some bugs over in MI this weekend with moderate success. I lost my only decent fish but brought lots of small browns to hand. River was slightly off and I was pressed for time. Perhaps this coming weekend will see my first decent trout to hand with the bugs.
    Maybe we can meet some day soon and you can make fun of my feeble attempt at fly fishing...maybe even show me the ropes. ;0)

  3. Nice Brian! Good luck on your next outing. I wouldn't want to pass on to you all my bad habits! But anytime you want to head out give me a shout.