Saturday, 19 May 2012

May 24 A "Grand" Start

I was lucky  to get out today and fish the Grand River for the first time this year,and even luckier to get into some decent fish. The morning was cool with a slight breeze and I was surprised to see fish rising early.  An emerger pattern took a few small fish quickly.  It felt good to have the rest of the morning and early afternoon to try for something larger.  No skunking today.  I left the rising fish and limped down river.  For the record I have been nursing a sore back for the past several days. A pinched nerve I suspectIbuprofen was my friend today, and took the edge off the pain and allowed me to hobble my way slowly around the few runs I would fish.  I am happy to report as I type this that the pain has almost completely faded.  Finally.  So back to the fishing.  I stopped at the next decent run and for the first pass came up empty handed.  Time for the Black Bush.  I would have success dead drifting it as opposed to swinging it.

The run would not give up anymore fish, so I decided to go back to the Van and try the next access. I was the fifth vehicle... 9:00 am on a Saturday...Time to hobble.  I had one run in mind, it was occupied, So I decided to have a seat and wait it out.  I watched as the run was worked many times over by the two anglers.  Nymphs took a couple small fish at the tail only,  I became confident that the "Black Bush" was going to come through for me. They finally pulled out of the run and made their way back downstream.  I started at the head and by the time I had reached the tail I had hooked 3 decent trout,  unfortunately I only landed one.

I passed through the run a couple more times drawing blanks.  I was now convinced it was done. and so was I.  I arrived home a couple hours earlier than planned.  What a "Grand" way to start the long weekend!


  1. Good stuff Tony - sure beats sitting here at work wishing to be somewhere else!!!

    those resi browns are an awesome looking fish - I can recall dad and I catching lots of them in Grey/Bruce streams when I was a kid

  2. Love that first fish (pic). The Grand is great fishery for local browns. Nice work Tony!

    ps~ did you have a head camera for the second pic?

    1. Thanks Gil!

      No head cam... There was another angler who showed up and was very kind to snap the pic for me.

  3. Thanks Brian, have you been swinging that Fly Rod of yours lately?