Saturday, 24 March 2012

Starting over. Well sort of.....

So I have taken the plunge.  I am quickly sinking further into the world of "Spey." Sort of like the section of T-11 that is attached to the Skagit head as it swings across the current sinking and searching for the tug.  I am totally addicted to Spey Casting. Every outing is offering more insight, and with it more questions. The single hander has been gathering dust. I finally broke the rod down and packed it away, the reel will be placed on a switch rod in the near future.

Just last weekend I finally received my Spey set-up. A 13'-6" Loop Evotec 8wt. This rod is a canon, it has a medium fast action and is very forgiving, it is a joy to cast.   A Loop Multi 9/12 loaded with backing, running line and a 575 Grain Beulah Skagit head. To complete this rig I am using Rio MOW tips. I have six different tips, all 10'  with various lengths of T-11 to cover all the issues of getting the fly into the zone.

My first outing with two new friends was very enjoyable, and the transition was quick.  I was given some instruction on the Snap T cast.   Within  ten minutes I was casting and shooting line well enough to fish, from there I worked on refining the cast and letting the rod do the work. I then started to work on positioning myself and selecting the right tip for the run I was fishing.  I returned to the same run the next day and repeated the process all over again. 

The week started, and all I could think about was getting back to that run. The week ended, and I was back on the river waiting for the sun to come up so I could practise.

I decided to commit to this run for my time on the river.  I was surprised to have it to myself for the majority of the morning. Only two other anglers showed up and there was lots of space for us all.  We shared the run for the next hour with no one hooking any fish.  Finally mid swing I hooked up.  My first fish on the Spey.  A bright shaker.

 The way this fish smacked the fly was awesome, at first I thought I was dealing with a larger fish.  I can only imagine what a decent fish is going to feel like on the swing.  I'm already dreaming of Fall chrome on the Spey.  Now I understand what they mean when they say "The swing is the thing but the tug is the drug"