Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Happy House.

Well the days to move into the "Happy House" as my Son Cole calls it arrived.  For the next few days I would find myself "Knee Deep" in boxes, but would also make time to be "Knee Deep" in a couple runs swinging  the Spey.  Segmented short trips were the plan.  I would later find that executing this plan would place me in a world of exhaustion.  Several early morning hours of Fishing followed by long days of moving duties would take its toll.  A small price to pay to do what I love to do.  "Where there is a will there is a way, but always a price to pay".  Some shots of the "Happy House" in the almost box free zone.

Our Cole enjoying our Daughters TV while we wait for the new 46" monster to be delivered. 

Another Box free pic. Well sort of.  


Truth be told the other rooms were chaotic and there are no pics of them.  I don't think I ever want to see another box again.  Thank heavens for family, as my parents helped us out with our transition.

I managed to hit my second fish on the Spey.  Lost in thought when this fish smacked the fly, I was startled to say the least.  A real "Jumper" she left the water three times, oh it was so worth the exhaustion.

A head shot of the bright jumper.

One morning I met an older gent Spey casting.  A short chat led into several hours of casting instruction and a new friendship.  I was taught several casts that would enable me to keep the fly on the "down wind" side of me.  Fishing river left with a down stream wind using the "Snap T" cast had became dangerous and it was awesome to have other options. Official casting Lessons in two weeks, cant wait!


  1. Nice house Tony. Congrats!!!

    Strong work on the spey. Great fish. I have a few flies tyed for you. Looks like the fall unless we can find the time to hook up.

    1. Thanks Gil. Just picked up a whack of Intruders. As for hooking up lets make it work for the first big rain event after opener, for Resi's. That creek is calling our names.

  2. Congrats on the new pad Tony.
    Good luck swinging the big stick. Hopefully some aggressive Droppie's test your new gear in the coming days.

    1. Thanks Man! We love it! Luckily I Have already had some luck with some droppies, just gotta "Blog" it up. Cheers!