Monday, 11 June 2012


1. likely to change, especially due to caprice, irresolution, or instability; casually changeable:fickle weather.

Yup that was me.

  This past Friday I had decided I was going fishing on  Saturday. With a BBQ to host at our place for my Mother-in-Law on Sunday this would be  my only day to get out and blow off some steam and try to hook that Trophy Brown I have been dreaming about.  I started the tried and true routine of checking the River charts and forecasts.  Trying to pick a good location was frustrating and discouraging to say the least.  A well know Trout Stream was setting itself up perfectly by Thursday only to show a steady rising past fish able conditions when I checked it Friday morning. I started to question the data and set the Stream in my mind for the AM.  Several times throughout the day I checked it's levels only to be discouraged more and more.  I finally abandoned the plan and set my sights on a different system.  No doubt there was a snag with this location also, and I was unsure of the visibility of the River.  The flow was normal as it is regulated, but it would turn out the Algae Bloom had made its appearance early this year.  Reaching out now to a good friend I fired off some text messages,  Gil would offer some access points on a different system that seemed pretty decent.  I now had another option available and I juggled the two locations around in my brain for sometime.  I finally decided I wasn't going fishing at all.  I was going to have a few drinks and perhaps sleep late on the Saturday.  I was fine with this decision for the first part of the evening, but my thoughts kept creeping back to Angling. Later that night I decided while taking a shower that I was going fishing.  I rigged up my rod and put my gear together. One last check of the forecast sent me reeling,  70% chance of thunderstorms.  Perhaps I shouldn't go?  Ah that's it I'm going!!!  And I'm glad I did.
My Personal best from this River!

The Thunderstorms never materialised. The early morning was rainy, but the skies eventually cleared and the day was fishy.

Although there were some hatches I ignored them and continued swinging the "Black Bush" for aggressive fish.  I only brought four fish to hand but they were no doubt my best four from this River ever.  Unfortunately the two other fish landed would not permit a photo. 

This fellow was much more photogenic and It was a pleasure to watch him work the River for a brief moment.

So in closing, I am very happy I decided to make the Trek.  It turned out to be my best day thus far on this River.


  1. Tony, you are wise beyond your years to not take my .02 cents. I would have had you into chubs and snags. Those are some excellent examples of what that river has, and its not easy to fool them into a take. Strong work sir!

  2. Thanks Gil. The stain played a huge role in my success. I was tempted to try some caddis but I stuck it out with the "Black Bush"