Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane.

Today I made the trip on my lunch to grab the NRX. A day I have been looking forward to for awhile now. I raced back to work and with 20 minutes left to eat I wolfed back my Sandwich as I admired the rod.

  My mind was wandering as I wiggled the blank. I thought first of fishing it, how great it would be to load it up on a fish. After succumbing to the fact that the rivers were locked up and I would have to wait to try it out I somehow got thinking about a Christmas many years ago when I was 14 or 15 and my parents had given me my first real quality Skateboard. A Powell Peralta Tony Hawk. Yes I was heavy into the Skate scene. Growing up with the Bones Brigade,
 I was a huge Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero fan. I loved watching them skate in the movie "The Search for Animal Chin".  Anyways, that Christmas I unwrapped the unmistakably shaped present and was confined to the cement floor in the basement to try it out. I remember holding the telepost in the basement and spinning around in circles. I would Ollie and Kick Flip over whatever I could find in the basement. I remember praying for an early spring so I could rip it up outside. That winter was a long one.
I am ultimately happy we are finally having some wintry conditions.  Hopefully the snow will stick around and this spring will be a slow melt. It would ideally be the best bet for the spring and produce some nice river levels. However as I type this my ear is catching the forecasted highs on the Weather Network for next week.  I can't help but think how great it would be to get out and rip it up with this rod. Either way Spring is on the way,it could be a bit of a wait, but eventually this stick is going to see lots of action.  Just like that first deck did so many years ago.   Perhaps this Summer after I have had my fill of fishing I will get back on a board....


  1. If you get really stir crazy you should consider a jet boat trip on the west side of Michigan. Split between two guys its is really affordable and a blast as well.

  2. Sounds like a solid idea. Or better yet what about Brian's Fishing Retreat? ;)