Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A New Reel Calls For A New Rod, No?

Well I thought I would throw in a quick entry.  Upgrading the set-up.  I am a die hard nympher who likes to swing every once in awhile too, so the obvious solution.... a switch rod.  well after looking for awhile, I decided to treat myself. The decision, a G Loomis  NRX 12'-6wt.  Some basic factors in coming to this decision were, I wanted something light and not too long.  I fished this stick once in the fall and it was unbelievably light.  Going from a 10' 7wt to a 12' 6wt was an amazing difference.  Mending and reaching was so much easier.  So one thing at a time.  I needed a new reel for this stick, so I headed out and grabbed the Ross Evolution LT #4.  I then ordered the rod and threw down a deposit on it.  I should have the Rod in several weeks and I am just dying to get my hands on it.  So here is a pic of the Ross Evolution LT#4 in  Grey Mist.

  An amazing light reel.  The LT#4 is rated for lines 7-9.  I will be running a 7wt nymphing line, and ordering an extra spool for backing, running line and a 400 grain Skagit head for swinging.  Very stoked to say the least.  For now the 10' 7wt will see some more action, but I plan on retiring it soon.    


  1. Congrats on the new gear. Should make for some good recaps. ;)

    I can keep that 10'7wt from going to the glue factory. ;)

    1. Thanks Mate! So looking forward to it, next week! As for the 7wt... its my mojo stick, I think it will go on the wall.

  2. Very cool looking. I should do more flyfising..if for no other reason...the gear is cool.