Tuesday, 12 March 2013

It Was A Long Wait.

It was a long wait... Ice fishing this past Winter was fun, but quickly became old hat. We enjoyed a couple feeds of Lake Huron Perch and Crappie, and my son (who is three and a half) iced his first fish.   A feisty Bluegill he quickly called a "Whale shark" as it came through the ice.   Luckily the hit came while his attention was on fishing. This memory will last a lifetime. It made cleaning all the fish this winter worthwhile and then some. 

The plain truth, I was waiting patiently to get out for some Steelhead. The thought of getting the NRX out was driving me nuts. Several times this Winter I rigged it up and would sit in the living room holding it and dreaming of hooking up. I know, pretty bad eh?

Finally an opportunity presented itself and I would find myself heading up the familiar stretch of Hwy 21.

I would fish a full weekend, and luckily I was able to put the NRX to work. I matched it with a SA 7WF floating line. In those two days I hooked a modest number of Steelhead Nymphing Yarn, San Jauns and Stone flies. I was impressed with the way the rod handled fish.

The highlight of the weekend would be the last fish of the weekend. This fish  was strong and smart. He quickly took me into the fast water and headed down river. I had thoughts of standing my ground, but the line peeling off my reel told me I should follow, and follow I did. After taking me into my backing and a long stumble down river in chase, I was able to gain line back and land him. A perfect way to end the weekend and end the long wait.    


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Brian. Yeah, took a little break. Back at it now.

  2. Awesome. I will be doing my first bit of fishing this weekend. Lookng forward to it.

  3. Thanks Gene! Good luck on your outing!

  4. Brilliant work Tony. Great to see you putting those new toys to work!

  5. Thanks Gil. They make playtime so much more fun. ;)