Monday, 29 October 2012

Steelheading Time Again!

Hey all...  Been too long. Once again I have neglected the Blog.  I'm going to jump in quickly.

 Every year I fish my Birthday, the 3rd of October.  It just turned out this would be my first outing of the Fall.  Past years I would fish close to home, this year however I decided to treat myself and make a drive up to the Saugeen River. This would be my second time on the Big river ever.  With the flows in early October on the Huron side being so low, I was happy to fish the Saugeen, and although it was low also it offered a little more flow than the Rivers south of it. 

A friend and I set up on a well know Run early on the 3rd. It was midweek which was nice as we only had two others to share the run with.  First light came and I drifted my yarn and Black stone fly offering along the inside seam, within minutes the indicator twitched and I set the hook on my first fish of the Fall.  Unfortunately the hook-up was short lived, the line went slack just about as fast as it had tightened. I continued on and shortly after I repeated this weak hook set again.  My buddy encouraged me and said, "Well at least you have them dialled"  His words really didn't make me feel any better, I was headed  down that path... that way of thinking when you just can't get it right.  I had to turn this around. I wanted to bring my first of the season to hand.  For the next hour I made mistake after mistake. everything from  letting fish get into the faster water to having my line wrap around my reel foot.  I decided then to relax and to remember last fall when I was on my game. With a little luck and a good solid hook-set down and to the bank, I played and landed my first fish of the season.

The day continued on and my landing ratio improved. My Buddy had prepared a Lunch for us and we enjoyed Sandwiches, crackers and cheese, pepperettes and cold drinks tailgate style mid day.   I was very happy to have such a good first trip. Outings like this spoil a Steelheader.  No guilt. You got to take it while it's good and work extra hard when it's tough.

 Speaking of tough... my next trip to the Saugeen was a humbling experience. Blanking, I made the long trip back home and refusing defeat  decided to check another system on my way. Arriving at the River I spoke with a lone Angler who was stating how slow it was, we fished for an hour with no action.  Finally it was if a switch was thrown and the fish turned on.                     
 What a feeling, to fish 80 percent of the day and nothing then finally the rod is loaded up for the remainder of the day. We took turns hooking fish.  switching up patterns would produce a few fish and re-spark the action.  What a treat, Overcast grey skies, light drizzle and HOT Steelhead. What a sweet ending to a long hard day.

 Luckily I have been doing well on each of my outings.  After that first trip I have seemed to worked out my problems and I feel to be settling in to a nice rhythm.  I am so blessed to have such a compensating Wife who understands how much I love to fish.  I spent some time fishing with a friend whom I hadn't fished with since last Fall. He is a very fishy guy and our outing would find us sharing some great water alone.

Two runs and a bunch of fish was on tap for the day.  Good times indeed. We both took turns picking them off till the action slowed and we made the hike out.  With plans set for November we are hoping our favourite little stream sets up nicely by then.


  1. Welcome back Mr.
    Nice writeup and pics. Glad your season has been eventful. I too have been blessed with successful outings. We truly are fortunate to have access to some amazing systems that afford some isolation to those who choose to seek it out. I'll be looking for that nymphing lesson on our little creek in the very near future.
    Take it easy.

    1. Thanks Brian. Glad you made it out finally. I see that run has treated you kindly. Good Stuff. I gotta get out my Spey, been too long. But yes nymphing will be back on tap for our outing! P.S. Don't be surprised if you see me at that run with the Spey... If you do watch out I have been throwing some rogue loops. :)

  2. What a great start you have had for this season!Some evry impressive chrome Tony!

    ( ......... and ya, great to see you update this blog. I was getting fickle with it ;) )

    1. Thanks Gil. Yes very lucky so far... Now for a challenge with the Spey. Next outing is all about the Swing. One on the swing is worth a few on the short stick. Time to hunt! Better get ready to pay up for that Lunch my friend, any chance we could make it a Brunch? :)Im a big eater...

  3. Good stuff there buddy!! Glad your catching fish and hitting the keyboard! The season finally started for me today so bring on November!!! If you find yourself with some time off midweek give me a shout.

    1. Thanks Bud! I got your number! Nice work today. Impressive fish for sure!