Monday, 12 November 2012

Sometimes you have to switch it up...

  "Switching it up" would be the theme this past weekend, not only in offerings to  Steelhead, but also in locations.  In following another "hunch" I put myself on a dud  before first light.  As day broke it was evident I had made another mistake and it was time to make the hike out and implement my plan B.

 With the sound of gunshots echoing through the bush I stuck to the trail, I was happy I remembered  my "Hunters Orange" toque. Coming to the end of the trail I was greeted by some Doe's.  Beautiful.  Luckily there were no Bucks in the field.

About 45 minutes later I would find myself alone on a nice section of another river, and as it turned out full of Steelhead. It wasn't very long till the rod was bent and I was into my first fish of the weekend.

I let the run rest and just relaxed for awhile enjoying the solitude.  It is such a treat to be set-up alone on a fishy piece of water.   When I  made my way back into the river,  I was hooked up instantly.  This time with a fish that would test my patience. Finally I was able to slide this Hen into the wet grass. 
As the afternoon approached I was kept busy with willing fish.  Black Stones would become the hot fly. Sadly all the fish I hooked on the stones would get the upper hand on me.  I did however enjoy the show they put on. Strong runs and frantic jumps were the norm with these fish. I decided to return the following day and made the hike out.

Arriving the next morning I was once again alone.  Spoiled!   I was however looking forward to some company as my friend Neil would be joining me mid-morning.

  Yarn took the first fish that morning. The  fish would keep me guessing after and I would switch patterns for the rest of the day, only nabbing one per every two or three new patterns I tried. The highlight of the morning was taking a large coloured up male on a black stone, whom I just couldn't get to smile for the camera. He put up an incredible fight and tried to bully me around the run. 

Neil made his way down river and set up above me swinging his way down the run.  No takes, he set-up his Nymphing rod, and  as usual it didn't take long for him to hook-up. He landed a very clean Buck, which still had a roe bag and a yarnie stuck in it's mouth.  We cleaned him up and he slipped through Neils hands before we could snap a pic.
After fishing with Neil for awhile and losing every fish I hooked I decided I was done. We traded some patterns before I left. I am looking forward to trying the "Duker Nuker" out when we get some high water.  Neil went through his fly box and managed a few more fish. It was a very good weekend. I located some fish and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I am however hoping for some rain and cooler temps to get things really rocking again.  Next Friday  I have a float trip booked with Mike V at Flyfitters.  It will be a nice change to drift down the river. After all this hiking, my legs need a break!   


  1. Nice fish! Congrats on the terrific weekend.
    Glad to read you had great success and found some water devoid of negative human influence.
    Good for you!

  2. You know you are in steelhead heaven when you can actually let a run rest these days. Strong work Mio Fratello.... ;)