Saturday, 7 January 2012


The Plan was to relax this morning, I wasn’t planning on fishing, but with the mild temps I figured I would head out and try to hit my first fish of 2012.  Friday night I set the alarm and my phone for dark-o-clock and laid out all my gear.  I awoke to the sound of my 2-1/2 yr old son’s voice, his newest phrase “I did it” repeated over and over.  I don’t remember shutting off the alarms; the extra rest was obviously needed. After a quick wrestle session with the boy, I was getting ready and on my way out the door.  I figured I was late so why not take my time. I wasn’t going to beat the crowds, and with the milder weather I was sure the year round stretch was going to be busy. 

I arrived at the access parking lot and sure enough it was busy.  I made my way to the River and was happy to see the run I wanted to fish unoccupied.  The River although on the drop and clearing had substantial flow. The conditions today were unreal. It felt like the end of winter.

 With wading staff in hand I slowly waded out  so I could fish the seam that had treated me so kind in the early fall of 2011.  The current was strong and I never really stopped to think about a fighting or landing strategy if I hooked up.  A mistake I made several times in 2011. Sure enough 5 drifts in and I connect on a decent fish, and after a violent hook-set the fish shoots up river.  Perfect I think to myself, I got you now… I was wrong.  The Fish turned shortly after and bolted down River.  I knew I couldn’t chase it so I held the rod high and tried to keep lots of line off the water.  It wasn’t long before my line went slack.  Optimistic; I continued fishing. Unfortunately that first hook-up would be my only opportunity of the day.

Although slow, today was a great day. I enjoyed the free time, as our schedule at home has been a bit hectic. 

On the Drive home I was delayed on the Highway, there was a bad accident. Arriving at the closure shortly after the accident occurred was not a nice experience. The Police had us wait while the Air ambulance landed.


Made me remember everything I have to be grateful for and to enjoy each day to the fullest.  


  1. Right on Tony. River looks good. Those damn burrs were all over me the other day! I can't agree with you anymore on your last statement.

    ps~ you should add a switch rod to your arsenal for such conditions. ;)

  2. Thanks Gil. Almost picked up a switch after Christmas. Everyone I talk to recommends going with a spey. Cheers.

  3. Congrats on putting the first bend in the Rod for 2012 Tony. As I was also reminded today...Some times our finned adversaries need to win too.
    I'm not havin much luck with the old alarm clock these days either ;0)

  4. Good on ya for getting out Tony! I actually had a "hockey free" day yesterday and with the weather I sure gave fishing some serious consideration BUT I chose to catch up some much needed work around the house instead. As of Friday I am off for 8 so heres hoping either the mild temps continue so I can hit the river or the deep freeze comes so I can hit up some hard water!!!!


  5. Thanks Brian... It was a nice bend. I don't mind losing a fish, just hate when I don't get to see them.

    Lucky you Steve. Enjoy your time off! Good luck on the river or the hard water!