Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Morning Moon

With Deadlines at work met I had a day set aside for some fishing. This day just happened to be the most favourable weather wise for the week. Being tuned into the alarms I awoke well before first light and oddly enough just before the first chime. I quickly got ready and made the drive up the Highway. Arriving about 45 min prior to first light gave me just enough time to set myself up on a run that was fishing well, or so I had heard. Night faded into Day and the river bottom revealed itself, a beautiful Morning Moon hung suspended in the morning sky, It was a great start to a day of no schedules.

I worked the tailout of the run for the next hour or so, drifting several different patterns and trying my best to cover it completely. Two others arrived and fished the mid section of the run from the other side of the river. No hook-ups between the three of us , it was obvious we were fishing the wrong spot. Just as I was getting ready to move on I was greeted by a couple friends. The fishing was put on hold while we all had a good laugh and exchanged a few stories of prior outings. The conversation carried on for some time then finally we decided it was best to start fishing as the River was getting busy. We decided to fish together and headed off to a section that looked promising.

We spent the rest of the morning fishing together.The wind was mild and from the south. Fishing today was bizarre.Comments on how it felt like Winter was over, and how we were just waiting for the rivers to open so we could chase resident fish were constant.It seemed like April was just around the next bend.Finally after many drifts my line went tight and the unmistakable bouncing of the rod made me grin.My Second hook-up of 2012,and ultimately my first fish of 2012. 

It has been a long time since I harvested a fish, and after catching this clean smaller Buck I decided to keep him, partly because he sustained a little damage due to the area in which he was landed and secondly because I do love smoked trout.My first fish of the 2011 Fall season was perfect for the smoker, but I decided at the time that it would be good luck to let that first fish go and plan on smoking a fish later in the season.Well all my fish after that first one were either hens or just too big or large dark bucks.When this fish came to hand it met the requirements to retain and thanks were given. The fish was processed quickly and my day was cut short. There was no need or desire to fish anymore, I was satisfied and grateful for my gift and time spent on the River.

Sometimes all we need is a little time to recharge and reset. Today was the perfect day,and it all started with that Morning Moon.




  1. Nice work out there Tony. That's awesome. Brown Stone eh? Nice!
    I shouldn't complain as I have fished like a complete fool this winter but I'm locked at work for this week and next. No fishing for me for at least 10 days. Hope I make it...

  2. Thanks Brian. 10 days is a long time, I hope you make it too... lol.

  3. Well done Tony. Persistence paid off. Nice fish!!!

    1. Thanks Gil. Persistence was the key, it was a "switching it up" day for sure.