Monday, 10 June 2013

I am Here. You up or down stream?

My first outing for Brown Trout finally rolled around.  To make things even better,  I would be sharing the day with Gil,  .  It's not often our schedule's line up.  I was looking forward to seeing Gil again almost as much as hooking my first Brown of the year. Almost...

 Getting a late start to the day I left my house as Gil was arriving at the River.  The text of off coloured conditions made me anxious.  It wasn't till I heard of the actual visibility and of the nabbing of a decent fish that I relaxed and enjoyed the drive. Excitement grew with every Kilometre I banked as I neared my destination.

Finally I was suiting up and firing off a quick text to Gil.  With only a few vehicles at the access I was surprised at the number of Anglers on one run and that my favourite run was unoccupied.  I crossed the stained flow slowly with direction from Gil.  After fishing for a bit we made our way down to a faster piece of water.

This Run has always been top on my list when I fish the Grand.  With the fish rising in the other slower runs it seemed many did not want to fish here.  I have hooked good fish here and was hoping for a strong tug.  Out came the shot. We fished for a little and Gil made his way further down river.  I continued to probe the soft side of the seam and worked my way down.  I was just up from the tail out when finally the tug came.

  The Brown darted into the chop and pushed a little up river then turned and after about a minute or two came to hand.  I returned to the top and went through the process one more time, missing a decent hit from the mid.  I watched Gil make his way back up river and took a break as he fished. It wasn't long before Gil would hook an excellent fish, by the look of the bend in his rod there was no doubt.  Unfortunately the fish came off.  Next time my friend.

We spent the next part of the day a little further up river.  The conditions were improving slowly, with the visibility at somewhere around 12".  A few small fish each was all we could manage.  Approaching mid afternoon, Gil had to call it a day.  We parted and I headed back down river to our starting location.

Once again the run was empty.  I fished it with no action.  I then headed  just  up a bit  to a much slower piece of water.  Earlier in the day Gil had pointed out an excellent holding lie to me and told a story of a decent fish rising in this area.  We joked and laughed about how such a fish would be caught quickly by accident or luck by some kid fishing recklessly, and that many experienced fly anglers would spend countless hours trying to coax the larger Trout to sip a dry only to be refused time and time again.
  For the record,  I am not reckless. I'm leaning on the side of lucky. The Brown took my offering on the second drift and I was surprised to feel the 7wt load up. I knew instantly I was dealing with a good fish.  When fishing the Grand I hardly ever fish dries.  Truth is,  I do not have the skill or patience needed to present the fly in a perfect drag free drift.  I have opted to use the same tactics I use for Steelheading.  Match this with using a few patterns they rarely see and I seem to do okay. 

I could not have wished for a better end to a first outing, nor a better companion to share most of the day with. Fishing with Gil is a real pleasure and I look forward to his insight and knowledge. Until next time Gil.  



  1. Brother, those are money fish. Love that last pic. Can't believe you sniffed out a fish from that one spot I rambled on about. LOL

    1. Yes. I was surprised too. Wasn't expecting such a fast take. Just Lucky!

  2. Just beautiful guys. Awesome!